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One with a colonostomy generally has 3 excretions per day and should make the bracha of Asher Yatzar after each excretion. Nishmas Avraham (ed 2) Orach Chaim 7:1;note 7) Rav SY Elyashiv, Rav SZ Auerbach and Tzitz Eliezer write that he can only make the bracha after cleaning and covering the area. Nishmas Avraham (ed 2) Orach Chaim 76:9;note 7) See pg 24, ...


This form of writing is often found throughout the Torah. In your example, the word נקבים means orifices, and while literally when it's doubled it should read 'orifices orifices', when a word is repeated it's used to stress the previous word. In your example, which I believe would apply to all nouns, repeating the word means 'many of the [word in question]. ...


In English, we often double a word for emphasis or to indicate volume. ("miles and miles" means "many miles") The practice of lashon kaful (doubling of language) is not limited to this prayer but is often found in biblical text on the level of the word (shamo'a tishma) and the phrase ("Vieileh Toldot Yitzchak Ben Avraham, Avraham Holid Et Yitzchak") and is a ...


See Minchas Yitzchak (6:38:3) that after producing a urine sample, the bracha of Asher Yatzar is said. It does not matter that it was induced and not completely natural. See Mishnas Avraham, Orach Chayim 7 fn 8 that Rav SZ Auerback agrees with Minchas Yitzchak but cites an otherwise difficult and possibly dissenting view of Chavos Yair.


As @DanF comments "you need to be clothed and outside the bathroom". Rabbi Ari Enkin has an extensive discussion of how much time you have. The main opinions that he quotes are shortened below (see the article for references) According to some authorities there is actually no set time limit. The Levush discusses a situation in which one went to the ...


Asher Yatzar says "that if one of them were opened or one of them were closed, a person would be unable to maintain himself" i.e. the functions that we say Asher Yatzar on pose health problems would we not be able to perform them. Many people get vasectomies and are fine. So the blessing isn't appropriate.


In the context of interruptions during morning t'fila the B(e)i'ur Halacha (in 51:4) brings down the opinion of Derech Hachayim regarding birkas 'asher yatzar'. He holds that one may say this b'racha in between Baruch She'amar and Yishtabach despite the ruling of the Chayei Adam that he should wait until he has finished his prayers. The weakness in the ...

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