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The Kli Yakar on the last verse (20:13) explains it nicely. He brings the Mechilta and then sometimes adds his own thoughts. Here's a brief summary (with some possible additions). The original is below. 1. I am the Lord your Gcd <-> 6. Murder As humans are created in the image of Gcd, killing a person diminishes the godliness in this world. (Besides ...


From One who looks at the text of the Ten Commandments in a Torah scroll will notice that the Torah assigns a separate paragraph for each commandment. Even the very short commandments, such as “Lo Tirsah” and “Lo Tinaf,” comprise an independent paragraph, as do the longer commandments, such as ...


Yes, this seem to be the idea. Idolatry (2nd) is often compared with sexual perversion(adultery) (7th). E.t.c. See Jeremiah 3:8-9


The main component of sarcasm is condescendion and that is 'gaivah, meaning pride or elitism.

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