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Sidur Bes Yaakov (Emden) says of this paragraph: אומרו במתון וכונה ושמחה That is: Say it with calmness, direction of thought, and joy.


I have never learned with the Koren, but what I have heard is that it is basically just a literal translation of the Gemara text. So if you want the experience of learning the Gemara where you have to figure things out on your own the same way you would without a translation, the Koren seems to be best. But if you want to be able to get pshat right away, the ...


Tol'dos Yitzchak (by Rabbi Yitzchak Karo, uncle of the Bes Yosef) has two explanations: "to tell you whoever sees a sota in her detriment…": its explanation is as a way of a command: he's obliged to swear off of wine, in his seeing her death due to the drinking of wine…. And it is also natural: … "whoever sees a sota in her ...

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