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It uses this order because that is the traditional Nusach it is using. The Ramo justifies this in O.C. 46:9, see here for additional sources, primarily the Maharil and the Maharam MiRottenburg, both Ashkenazi poskim, so it is not surprising to see that arrangement in an Ashkenazi Nusach.


Thank you for contacting us with your inquiry. The text of our Targum Onkelos is from Chumash Toras Elokim (Vilna, 1874) which includes R' Wolf Heidenheim’s text of the Targum; that text is based on manuscripts and is considered מדוייק. We appreciate the opportunity to clarify this. Cover page image from a later email from Artscroll. It's not ...


I just checked my mikros gedolos from mechon hamaor and the Torah temimah. Both have the odd דין קורבנא דנחשון followed by דין קורבן אליאב and similar for all the rest. So here's a couple of theories. This first passuk was mistakenly 'fixed' based on the Targum Yerushalmi, which has the reading דין קורבנא דיסדר וכו׳. There is a continued longer phrase ...


In addition to @SabbaHillel's answer, this site appears to show streams flowing into the Dead Sea from all directions:


The map on page 923 showing the borders of Eretz Yisrael does not show that line. It appears to be an artifact of the cut and paste method used to create the map or of the boundary line between the east and the west in order to show the three cities of refuge on each side.

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