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I have learned with both the Koren and the Artscroll. I actually switched to the Koren Steinsaltz. I have been using it everyday to learn daf yomi for 2 years. It really depends what your looking for if one is better than the other. As far as explanation, I would not label Koren a review Gemorah. While Artscroll is known for it's explanation, Koren has a lot ...


After the Amida on Kol Nidrei night, there are a few paragraphs of Selichot that are said. The 3rd or 4th starts with the words Omnon Ken - and the Aaron HaKodesh is opened while saying it - hence "pesicha of Omnon Ken". It's on page 175 of the Interlinear ArtScroll Yom Kippour Machzor, Ashkenaz edition.

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