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There are Orthodox Rabbis in London who wear poppies and go along to Remembrance Ceremonies and even recite prayers in them. The poppy is not a form of idolatry but is instead a symbol of "respect" to the soldiers who gave up their lives to protect us. In the United Kingdom, this is particularly relevant, as we are remembering soldiers who fought in World ...


Rashi and other commentators say it means he tortured them. Ralbag explains that this was to dissuade other peoples from fighting the Jews. (See the context starting at, say, 10:1.)


Rabbi Moshe Feinstein responded in 1979 to a question from Kfar Chabad -- "you asked me to spell out all the practical guidelines on the laws of milchemet mitzva applicable today. I only answer practical questions as asked. Nobody's asking me, and I wouldn't know what to tell them anyhow. Our job is to pray to God and have faith, and may He send Moshiach ...

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