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The story of Yom Har Gerizim comes to mind. The 21st of Kislev was a holiday mentioned in Megilas Taanis and explained in Yoma 69a. Short version the Kusim slandered the Jews in an attempt to have the Beis Hamikdosh destroyed. Alexander the great famously meets Shimon Hatzadik, and hands the Kusim over to him to be done as seen fit. Their heels are punctured ...


Sorry, nothing that grandiose. There was a civilian Kohen Gadol (high priest), and then there was his military equivalent, known as the mashuach milchama -- the Kohen appointed for war. The mashuach milchama's job was basically to give the troops a big sermon before the battle, that's about it. He was given the Kohen Gadol status the same way his civilian ...

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