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A relative of mine uses plywood boards laid out on some 2x4 beams. You only have to level the beams and the floor is as good as indoors.


I have never actually used it as my sukka is built on cement, but you can get Campsite flooring (For example, maybe in a different color or a different option). Many of these camp mats dry quickly, allow water to drain properly, can be staked down, and shouldn't kill your grass (hopefully). Edit: Here is a link where you can actually buy the stuff. Edit ...


You could try laying pavers or other flat stones / slate over the grass or dirt, if your area is somewhat even. If it is isn't even, you may have to put gravel or a layer of soil to cover the area and smooth it down before laying the pavers. My driveway is dirt and gravel, but the majority of it is even, fortunately. I do a get a bit of ponding after a ...

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