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The Mechaber in סימן תרלא - סכה שחמתה מרבה מצלתה ויתר דיני הסכך says that if there's no roof then it's invalid, unless there's a square-Tefach of [horizontal] roof, or that there's a Tefach of vertical walls between the ground and the slanted wall-roof: The Remo however, permits such a Sukka, on condition that there's the minimal 7x7 Tefachim area at a ...


The Gemara in Sukkah (I believe in the daf is in the high-teens) discusses a halachic principle of dofen akuma (a bent wall). The case is slightly different from your scenario, but I think still applies. The Gemara's case is when there is a bit of roofing that is not kosher for skhakh separating the walls and the kosher skhakh. Normally the maximum distance ...

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