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From Rabbi Dovid Ribiat's The 39 Melochos (p. 378): a) Aerosol spray cans ... The Igros Moshe permits the use of aerosol cans on Shabbos because the scattering is not caused directly by blowing or wind-force, but rather by the pressure of the liquid as it is forced through the microconduits in the nozzle head. Since the scattering is not ...


Probably the issue is hashmaat kol (leaving a noisy device running on shabbos that is considered a profanation of it's sanctity). - https://www.naaleh.com/hashmaat-kol-noise-on-shabbat-v5n9


It would seem to be problematic based on information from sites such as this http://www.quora.com/How-do-Flavia-machines-work It seems a pipe or needle is poked into each packet to inject the hot water. If that is in fact the case, then that pipe will absorb the flavors from the nonkosher items, either through contact or steam. After which it will mix in ...


According to R' Moshe Heinemann, the Star-K's chief authority, the use such remote-control devices does not grant bishul Yisrael status, as it is not sufficiently direct: If the action that is done by the Yehudi (Jew) causes an indirect lighting of the oven, that action would not qualify for bishul Yisroel. Hence, dialing a number that in turn trips a ...


The Mishna Brura (247:1 sv. 13) And Shulchan Aruch HaRav (O.C. 247:10) both permit covering as a way of avoiding the issue of smell, which is one of the issues that the double covering is designed to avoid. So it would seem that according to those sources, yes, double covering would work.

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