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According to the 2014 OU Jewish Action Passover Guide on page 14 under "Libun (Burning)" On Line THE KASHERING PRIMER – PASSOVER 2014 A self-clean cycle of an oven(approx 850 degrees F) also qualifies as libun I have done it but it can also mess up some utensils. I was also been given this advice by the Baltitimore star-k, when I called the office.


I checked with my LOR tonight about the tea urn and he said that while it would be good if no chametz has touched it during the year (and it was kept away from where there is chametz), it would be better to have a different urn for Pesach. The main reason is that it is quite easy for chametz to have gotten on the urn sometime during the year. I asked my LOR ...

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