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From Rabbi Dovid Ribiat's The 39 Melochos (p. 378): a) Aerosol spray cans ... The Igros Moshe permits the use of aerosol cans on Shabbos because the scattering is not caused directly by blowing or wind-force, but rather by the pressure of the liquid as it is forced through the microconduits in the nozzle head. Since the scattering is not ...


According to the OU - it may be used after they are cleaned and rinsed off. Q. The lunch area in our office has a can opener, peeler, bread-toaster (not a toaster oven), flatware, coffee mugs, glass dishes and glass cups available for anyone to use. Can I use them? A. The can opener and peeler can be used after they are cleaned or rinsed off.


See answer to this related question regarding the kashrut of Sodastream for Pesach. According to OU, it is permissible for Pesach use. (I can't qualify it further as my web browser is blocking me from viewing the OU site, now. If someone wishes to edit my question to include what OU says, please do so.) Sodastream recommends using a new bottle or one ...


According to R' Moshe Heinemann, the Star-K's chief authority, the use such remote-control devices does not grant bishul Yisrael status, as it is not sufficiently direct: If the action that is done by the Yehudi (Jew) causes an indirect lighting of the oven, that action would not qualify for bishul Yisroel. Hence, dialing a number that in turn trips a ...


Your question is exactly that asked by Rabbi Cohen over at Dose of Halacha. He asks "Can I use a timer on my hotplate to heat my chicken on Shabbos for lunch?" While one mustn’t place a davar lach, a boiled food with liquid on the stove or hotplate on Shabbos, R’ Ovadia Yosef (Yabia Omer 10 OC:26) allows one to place such a pot on the hotplate while ...


The Mishna Brura (247:1 sv. 13) And Shulchan Aruch HaRav (O.C. 247:10) both permit covering as a way of avoiding the issue of smell, which is one of the issues that the double covering is designed to avoid. So it would seem that according to those sources, yes, double covering would work.


This page suggests that the matter is complicated and that there is halachic reason for worry unless specifics are well known. It cites a source for kashering seltzer equipment, and suggests there is reason that kashering it for Pesach is necessary: Da’as Torah, addendum to Hilchos Teraifos ד"ה בזה"ז ** (Rabbi Shalom Mordechai Shwadron of Berezhan, ...


ילקוט יוסף קצוש"ע אורח חיים סימן שכב - דין נולד בשבת ה. מותר לעשות מי - סודה בשבת על - ידי הכלי המיוחד לכך שנקרא "סיפולקוס" או "סודה סטרים", ואין בזה שום חשש לא של עובדין דחול, ולא משום נולד, ולא משום מכה בפטיש. ובלבד שיעשה זאת לצורך השבת. ואם הותיר לאחר השבת אין בכך כלום. [ילקוט יוסף שבת כרך ג' עמוד תי]. Chacham Ovadia allowed this as well.

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