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During the Second Temple Period, there were different sects with different interpretations of Judaism. The descendants of the Pharisees wrote the Talmud, which defined Orthodox Judaism as we know today. (What follows is from Rabbi Shneur Leiman's lecture on yutorah.org) The Dead Sea Scrolls belonged to a sect that was clearly not the Pharisees; it includes ...


Ben Sira was a matter of dispute in the Talmud if it may be studied. Rebbi Akiva includes in the Mishna's list of those who have no portion in the world to come (Sanhedrin 90a) ר"ע אומר אף הקורא בספרים חיצוניים Also someone who reads external books The Gemara (100b) quotes the opinion of Rav Yosef: בספר בן סירא נמי אסור למיקרי It is also ...

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