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Daat and tsel are both religious websites - I don't know if you count them as "publishers". Maccabees I http://www.daat.ac.il/daat/hasfarim/hashmonaim-a-2.htm http://www.tsel.org/torah/macab/ Maccabees II - http://www.daat.ac.il/daat/hasfarim/hashmonaim-b-2.htm They're all based on "Ketuvim Achronim" by Yitzchak Frankel. I'm having a hard time ...


The answer is that when Jews stopped speaking Greek, and therefore stopped relying on the Septuagint, these books/chapters fell away and were retroactively deemed heretical/not a part of Judaism. A similar situation occurred with other books such as Sefer Hanoch (The Book of Enoch) and the book of Jubilees. Studied in antiquity, they fell out of common ...


Long ago, before Artscroll ruled the earth, there was a siddur called the Birnbaum Siddur used in orthodox circles. It contains the book (or books) of Macabees.

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