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Perhaps because the snake who wanted to be intimate with chava The snake represents the animal kingdom As a result of the first sin of eating from the tree and her punishment of painful childbirth


Rabbi Jonathan Sacks says the two zuz are Moshe and Aharon who Hashem used to redeem Bnai Yisrael.


We treat oats as chametz. Done. Millet seems to be the main ingredient in the list above; Rabbi Dr. Slifkin seems to recommend straight millet, or sunflower seeds for some species. (Ashkenazi custom is not to eat millet, but you can certainly own it and feed it to your birds. It's kitniyos, not chametz.) Brewers' yeast is a natural source of B-vitamins. ...


Brewer's yeast together with the oat grains would in combo would very likely cause it to be chametz. In the worst case, the yeast alone would be considered "se'or" - a rising "agent". It's possible that the "natural / articial colors" may have chametz ingredients. You'd have to know what went into them, which you may be able to discover by calling the ...


Great question but indeed coral is not permitted for food. In regards to the sentience of coral the Ba’al ha-Sullam's articulation of “the Great Chain of Being” is perhaps relevant so I’d like to share it: “To prepare His creatures to attain this exalted rung, the blessed Holy One desired to act on them in a sequence of four rungs, one evolving from the ...


There are actually many laws that apply to plants, too, to make them "kosher", but they are all connected with/ apply in the Land of Israel. What makes a plant "kosher" is not the specific species of plant (which is what determines the kashrut of something from the animal kingdom), but how and where it was grown, and the laws that apply to it once you want ...

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