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There are 2 souls, a Nefesh Elokis and Nefesh Habahamis, a G-dly soul and an animalistic soul. Goyim only have the animalistic soul. All physical desires and worldly pleasures come from the Nefesh Habahamis. The Nefesh Elokis just wants the pleasure of G-d, learning Torah and doing Mitzvos. We are able to use the animalistic soul for the service of G-d, but ...


I found this drasha on the Daf Yomi Notes for Megillah 16: The Gemora relates that Achashverosh ordered Haman to get Mordechai, dress him in the royal garments and lead him through the city on the king’s horse proclaiming, “Thus shall be done for the man whom the king wishes to honor.” Haman located Mordechai teaching his students the laws of ...


The Rambam (Malachim U'Milchamos 1:2) says that the Mitzvah of destroying Amalek only applies once a King is appointed, and a King is only appointed after they have conquered the land. So the need for armaments would not have been then, but rather only later.

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