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It's pretty simple. According to Rebbi they're not Jewish, so therefore when Moshiach comes they'll be non Jews. According to Rashba"g they're Jews, so therefore when Moshiach comes they'll still be Jews. Moshiach has nothing got up do with whose Jewish or not.


It depends if you see Judaism as a natural or unnatural state. It is not racism to be an Australian Aboriginal, even though I have little chance of being inducted in an Aboriginal coming of age rite. It is racist to practice white supremacism, and exclude Jews and Blacks from entering restaraunts. Being an Aboriginal Australian is a natural order. I ...


according to the Torah, the Jewish people were elevated by God at Sinai and appointed as His treasured people. So if you accept that as true, then Jews have a special status. This doesn't mean they are better than others, just that they have a high level job vis-a-vis humanity. This is a responsibility which can come with a heavy price tag.

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