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See here from the Lubavitcher Rebbe: לקבלת התורה הוצרכה ההקדמה דאהבת ישראל To receive the Torah requires the preface of Ahavas Yisroel The same idea is found from the Rebbe Rashab (see the end of the link). It seems to be a common theme in Chassidic thought. The basis is the Mechilta brought by Rashi on Shemos 19:2.


With regards to a mamzer (Devarim 23:3), see Maayano Shel Torah, quoting a teaching from HaRav HaKadosh of Ostrovska (perhaps the Zichron Shmuel) : A loose translation: Why does the Torah need to emphasize that a Mamzer is forbidden even after 10 generations? There is an opinion in the Talmud Yerushalmi that a berya, a complete creature can become ...


They were a mixture from other nations that decided to join the Jews at the exodus (Oknkelos, Rashi and pretty much everyone I could find, although some identify them specifically as Egyptians). Rabbi Gansfried quotes various opinions as to their size, based on the idea that the 600,000 number represents one fifth of the total that left. Whether that ...


Actually, the first paragraph of Aleinu, can be viewed as an explanation or "list" that expounds on the first sentence: "It is our obligation to praise the Master of all..." (Why???): ... "That he did not make us like the nations of the earth..." This is not any insult to the other nations by any means. I am thanking G-d for making me DIFFERENT than other ...


The simple answer is that you're reading the prayer wrong: we aren't saying that we're happy that no other nations serve Hashem, but we're merely happy that at least we get to, for without the Torah, we too would be bowing to emptiness and nothing

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