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Orach Chaim 188:10 says that one who starts a Seuda before the end of Chanuka and completes it after Chanuka would say Al HaNisim.


See the Aruch on the entry for פרק, which cites תהילים קלו:כד : וי*פרק*נו מצרינו "And hath delivered us from our adversaries" Thus, the word is not Aramaic.


The Rivevos Ephraim 1:457 brings the tzaddim of both sides,he ends off that one does not go back. Rav Shmuel Kamentsky in Kovetz Halachos 7:5 holds one is yotzei and doesn't go back.The tzad that says that chanukka has a little bit of the same inyun since it is a praise for a nes.

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