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Orach Chaim 188:10 says that one who starts a Seuda before the end of Chanuka and completes it after Chanuka would say Al HaNisim.


Mishne Brurah (695, 16) cites a dispute among Poskim as to whether one may recite Al Hanisim in bentching after davening Maariv after Purim (where he does not say Al Hanissim). To avoid the disagreement he quotes Magen Avraham that one should bentch first and then daven Maariv.


See the Aruch on the entry for פרק, which cites תהילים קלו:כד : וי*פרק*נו מצרינו "And hath delivered us from our adversaries" Thus, the word is not Aramaic.


The Rivevos Ephraim 1:457 brings the tzaddim of both sides,he ends off that one does not go back. Rav Shmuel Kamentsky in Kovetz Halachos 7:5 holds one is yotzei and doesn't go back.The tzad that says that chanukka has a little bit of the same inyun since it is a praise for a nes.

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