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You can try http://www.dafyomi.co.il/, choose any masechtah, and then scroll down. They have links for Tosafot for most masechtot, but unfortunately not for Bava Basra. And for books, you can try this wonderfully clear sefer called שערי תוספות, if you don't mind Hebrew.


Probably the best option is to learn from a mohel or get good advice from a good mohel. The best and most friendliest Mohel I know is Rav Paysach Krohn, this web site has his number and email. I know that he's busy doing britot and lecturing, but, at worst, if he can't train you, I'm quite certain he will advise and, if appropriate, recommend you to the ...


My brother in law who became a Mohel apprenticed for a while with a Mohel who was doing it for many years. When the Mohel was confident in his abilities he gave him the go ahead to do it on his own. I have also heard that many times a new Mohel after apprenticing begins by doing a Bris on his own child. I am pretty certain that most Mohelim begin this ...

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