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The Rambam in hilchos Talmud Torah says that a person should divide up his time learning into thirds: 1/3 written Torah, 1/3 oral Torah, and 1/3 of understanding how to understand and live Torah, and as far as what is mutar and what is assur. A person obviously doesn't know all the Halacha of everything all the time, and still, the Rambam says to divide ...


There are probably thousands of shiurim on Gemara, as many 'maggidei shiur' will upload their lectures on the internet. There are two general ways to find them: by looking for a particular yeshiva or teacher, such as the audio library of Yeshivas Ohr Reuvain, Rav Yitzchok Lichtenstein (both of those are rabbis in Monsey) or Yeshiva Toras Moshe, for ...


I quite like the gemara shiurim at Rav Nissan Kaplan's Daf Yomi Review. Many of them also include mar'ei mekomos as a .gif file - such as these ones, from the first and fourth perakim of Gittin. I would consider them to be reasonably high level (for me, certainly) - at least insofar as they look be'iyyun at a variety of different Rishonim.

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