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From this Hebrew site explaining abbreviations and acronyms in Hebrew. צו״צ means צדקתך וצדקתך צדקתך This Chabad site explains that צו״צ stands for the three posukim said on Shabbos mincha. שלושת הפסוקים שאומרים במנחה בשבת, which begin with the three words צדקתך, וצדקתך, צדקתך


Try the preface of an academic-style book on Talmud. The better editions of the Jastrow dictionary have an abbreviations page that I believe covers Talmud Bavli, Yerushlami, and Medrash including some names and lots of academic abbreviations other than titles.


Look in the luach roshei teivos in the back of the tanya. You'll find most of them there. Let me know if this helps

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