Questions about the mitzvah to study Torah, and the nature of Torah study This tag is not intended to be a general tag about Torah. Almost every question on the site is about Torah in some sense. If your question is about a passage in the Bible, try one of the book tags.

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What is the meaning of Adultery in this verse

God uses the word 'Adultery' for indulging in idolatry in the verse below Jeremiah 3:8-9:, emphasis added to show Adultery with Idols 8 And I saw, when, forasmuch as backsliding Israel had ...

How is it possible for Muslims to be classified as Gentiles even if they Don't deem Torah to be corrupt and have Abrahimic Lineage?

Muslims don't believe Torah to be corrupt nor do they deny the Torah and it is considered in the six articles of faith to believe in all revealed scriptures like Torah, Psalms etc . Also Muslim share ...