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When visiting Kevarim of Tzaddikim, when are proper procedures to follow?

I would hope an answer would cover:

  • What and how to daven
  • If there's any specific Tehillim to say
  • If one should (or must) light a candle, place a stone on the grave, or the like
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There is an entire Sefer written about this by Rav Salman Mutzafi ZSWQ"L and it is called "Sifte Hachamim." – Hacham Gabriel Feb 3 '12 at 5:10

Maaneh Loshon is the text compiled by the "Mitteler Rebbe" of Lubavich to say by the grave of his father the "Alter Rebbe".

This text is edited for recital by the graves of the Lubavicher Rebbes in Queens. It contains instructions, as to when to light the lamp, what to say when lighting, etc.

http://hebrewbooks.org/15693 is the text in Hebrew.

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Maaneh Lashon actually goes back a good deal before that: the foreword there mentions that it was first published in Prague around 1610. I don't know whether the Mitteler Rebbe actually changed the text in any way, or simply had it reprinted with specific reference to the Alter Rebbe. – Alex Aug 7 '11 at 17:34

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