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Who divided the Sefer Tehillim into daily sections (both day of week and day of month)?

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Very related. (This asks who did it and that asks why.) –  msh210 Aug 8 '13 at 16:12

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The division of Tehilim into days of the week and days of the month was done by the 14th century scholar Rabbeinu Menachem ben Zorach, a Talmid of Rabbeinu Yehuda ben HaRosh.


וכבר חלקתי ספר תהילים לאמר חלק ממנו בבל יום ויום בענין שיקראהו המתנדב לשבח ולהודות בכל חדש פעם אחת והנני כוחב אחר פרק זה החילוק שבכל יום מהחדש וכן החילוק שחלקתיו גם לקרותו פעם אחח בכל שבוע למי שעסקי תורתו מועטת שישתדל לקרותו בכל שבוע

This is the link showing the divisions - http://www.hebrewbooks.org/pdfpager.aspx?req=39362&st=&pgnum=263

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Chabad.org has two different entries from Talks and Tales on their website. One calls him Ben Ibn Zorach, and one calls him Ben Zerach. One says he lived a long life, and one says he didn't. chabad.org/library/article_cdo/aid/112352/jewish/… and chabad.org/library/article_cdo/aid/112341/jewish/… –  Menachem Aug 3 '11 at 19:42
@Gershon: most interesting, thanks. It's also interesting that our present-day divisions don't always follow Rabbeinu Menachem's: he has the portion for the 4th of the month end with ch. 30 (whereas we now end with 28), for the 18th he has chs. 88-90 (where we now do 88-89), for the 20th he ends with ch. 102 (where we now also add 103), and for the 26th he has the second half of ch. 119 plus chs. 120-122 (nowadays we just do 119). There are also differences in the weekly division. I wonder on whose authority those changes were made? –  Alex Aug 4 '11 at 14:09

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