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If a Chosson & Kallah during the first week they got married attended a Bris, should the assembled recite Sheva Brachos after Bentching?

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Young Israel of North Belmore's Practices and Procedures for Sheva Bruchos says the meal should be prepared specifically for the bride-groom, and as such would not be recited at a Brit.

no sources in the doc though.

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I'm not a rabbi...

My assumption is that the sheva brachot (well, six) should not be recited, because the s'udat mitzvah is not in honor of the chatan and kallah; rather, it is for the mitzvah of milah.

A more interesting question, IMHO, would be, if the parents of the baby boy finally got married after he was born, should they say sheva brachot at the brit. Not a very common occurrence.

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Re "not in honor of": I seem to recall (no source now) that as long as something was added to the meal for the new couple, the b'rachos are said. – msh210 Jul 21 '11 at 15:32

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