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I learned how to pronounce Hebrew from the book "Teach Yourself to Read Hebrew" which describes pronunciation with Sephardic vocalization. For example, patach and kamatz, according to the book, are pronounced more or less the same, and there's no difference between a tav with a dagesh and a tav without a dagesh.

After becoming very fast in reading the Sephardic pronunciation, I decided to start learning the Ashkenazic pronunciation, so I began working on pronouncing a tav without a dagesh as a sav. It then dawned on me that there seem to be a few other differences between the pronunciations that I wasn't aware of and am still unclear on.

Is there a chart or program available which details the major different pronunciations and their differences? I'm primarily interested in the Sephardic, Ashkenazic, Chassidic, Hungarian, and Yemenite pronunciations. Is there a resource available which can help me do this?

It's kind of a bummer to be learning about these differences this late in the game, but better late than never :)

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