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Tehilim 19 which is said Shabbos morning at Shacharis has the following Posuk הנחמדים מזהב ומפז רב. I have seen Artscroll Sedurim with a Patach under the Pei of UmiPaz and I have seen Artscroll Sedurim with a Kometz under the Pei of UmiPuz. What is the correct pronunciation?

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The Minchas Shay on that pasuk says that there are sources for both versions.

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According to the Leningrad Codex, it's a Patach. The Aleppo Codex (Keter Aram Zova) does not have this perek.

A huge PDF of the codex is available at http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/37/Leningrad-codex-15-psalms.pdf.

Both the Koren and Mossad HaRav Kook (Breuer) editions have it with a Patach. Notably, neither indicates a variant reading of that word in their appendices.

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