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Who knows two hundred sixty?

Please cite/link your sources, if possible. At some point between twenty-four hours and a few days from now, I will:

  • Vote up all interesting and relevant answers.

  • Accept the "best" answer.

  • Move on to the next number.

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Sancheriv's army, when he attempted to conquer Yerushalayim, consisted of 260 myriad thousand (2.6 billion!) soldiers "minus one" - about which Abaye is uncertain whether this means one myriad (in which case this would have been a good answer for 259), one thousand, one hundred, or one individual.

(Sanhedrin 95b)

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Volume 1 of one edition of שו״ת רש״י has 260 responsa.

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In 1908, approximately 260,000 school-age Jewish kids in America received no formal Jewish education at all. Source: Samson Benderly, as quoted in Jewish Philanthropy, a 1917 book by Boris D. Bogen.

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