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Why do we not put on Tefillin on Shabbos?

Why is one not allowed to put on Tefillin on Shabbos?

And similarly, why is Tefillin Muktzah?

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It is prohibited to put on tefillin on Shabbos and Yom tov, since tefillin are called אות (Shemos 13:9), and so is Shabbos (Shemos 31:17). Thus, donning tefillin is disrespect (זלזול) to the אות of Shabbos. (Shulchan Aruch, OC 31:1)

There is discussion amongst the poskim if, because tefillin are assur to wear, they should fall into the category of k'li shem'lachto l'issur (object designed for a prohibited use) on Shabbos. Mishna Berura (31:2) rules that one should consider them muktza, but may move them if necessary (בשעת הדחק), such as if they might fall on the ground or be stolen.

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I think R.H. Shechter holds they're muktzah machmos chisaron kis. – Ariel K May 23 '11 at 22:27

both tefillin and shabbos are refereed to as a sign between G-d and the Jewish people. we don't wear tefillin on shabbos b/c the day itself is that sign and wearing tefillin would take away from the sancityty of the day by doing something superfluous. Yom Tov as well is sometimes refered to as shabbos and while some of the restrictions regarding melacha are less strict for yom tov we apply the same reasoning to holidays as well. In regards to chol hamoed there is a dispute. Ashkenazim typically do while Sephardim and many Chassidim do not wear tefillin on chol haMoed. Muktsa is essentially not touching those things which may to be used on shabbos and since tefillin are not used on shabbos they are also muktsa

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