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The Halacha is that Mishloach Manos is not sent to an Aveil. Suppose a close relative is in Aveilus, can you send them flowers for their birthday? (Sources please)

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Nit'ei Gavri'el on Avelus (14:9-14) quotes the following rules [some sources in brackets]:

  • No sending gifts to a mourner within 30 days, and 12 months for an orphan [Ram"a 385:3]


  • Yes sending gifts to a bar mitzva boy in mourning because he was a minor when his mourning period began and because it is a mitzva [cf. Divrei Malki'el 5:233]
  • Yes sending gifts to one's mourning bride or groom before the wedding [Noda BiY'huda II Y.D. 208]
  • Yes sending gifts to one's mourning wife for yom tov and shalom bayis [P'sachim 109]

See the original for many more sources: p.1 p.2

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