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When a righteous woman passes away what is the appropriate term to use to indicate "in her blessed memory"?, i.e., is there a lady's alternative to z"l ?

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Why must there be an alternative? What's wrong with Z"L for a lady? Just the Z would stand for "Zichrah" instead of "Zichro". – Double AA Mar 7 at 14:29
relevant en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honorifics_for_the_dead_in_Judaism - one alternative you often see is a"h aleha hashalom - peace upon her – mbloch Mar 7 at 14:41
And by the way Yakov welcome to Mi Yodeya. If you haven’t done so already, you should take a look at the tour. Please consider registering your account, to enable more site features, including voting. I hope you'll look around and find other Q&A of interest and stay learning with us. – mbloch Mar 7 at 14:43
@DoubleAA yes of course, didn't mean to suggest otherwise. Somehow I think I am seeing more often zl for a man and ah for a lady but it might just be me – mbloch Mar 7 at 14:46

I have seen Z"L used routinely for both men and women.

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You ask what's appropriate. I don't see why z"l (or ז״ל) would be inappropriate. Nonetheless, I have often seen a"h (or ע״ה) for a woman where the same text included z"l (or ז״ל) for a man.

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Moshe Rabeinu is also usually (Ani maamins) followed by o"h rather than z"l... – Adám Mar 7 at 17:46
@Nᴮᶻ, also David hamelech and Avraham avinu and many much more recently deceased men. I did not say or mean to imply that "a"h" is not used for men. – msh210 Mar 7 at 18:38

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