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There's been a lot of buzz about Kitzniyos here recently. If I remember correctly, things with Kitniyos are only prohibited to be eaten (according to those with the Minhag), and are okay to benefit from.

Am I correct?

And if so, where's the boundary (i.e. גדר) between pleasure and eating. (e.g. smoking, injecting)

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The Geder of eating should be the same in all applications (non-kosher food,etc.) – Shmuel Brin Apr 13 '12 at 0:01
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The T'rumas Hadeshe"n (#113) allows getting non-eating benefit from kitniyos.

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He mentions those who actually tried to forbid it but he said that such a custom is incorrect. – Yahu Apr 12 '11 at 22:55
Any idea where smoking or injecting fit in? – yydl Apr 13 '11 at 16:54
Injecting is definitely not eating. Smoking is a little more of a cloudy issue. ;-) – Yahu Apr 14 '11 at 3:31
The truth is that smoking is most likely not derech achilah and therefore as far as kitniyos goes it would not be a problem. – Yahu Apr 14 '11 at 3:32

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