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I'm trying to remember the name of a sefer that I learnt with someone a couple of times a while ago. It was written by a chasidic rebbe, but isn't just popular amongst chasidim. We were learning a chapter about the importance of middot. The rebbe wrote other sefarim with the same name that were a commentary on the Torah.

Can anyone think of a sefer that fits this description?


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I think I can Isolate four authors for you it is either the Sfas Emes (but he does not have A chapter on Middos) The Piasetztner Aish Kodesh (but he has No Commentary to CHumash with the same name. or Maybe Rav TZadok Hachoen Milublin who wrote a lot of Sefarim with Different Names but people Just say Reb Tzaddok.And last but not least Nesivos Shalom. I hope you find this somewhat Helpful.

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I signed up and now the website isn't recognising me as the writer of the question. Anyway, thanks for you answer SimchasTorah, the sefer was indeed the Nesivos Shalom. I now plan on learning it:) – Meir Apr 10 '11 at 12:33

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