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Does a Nutcracker need tevilah? What about Poultry Scissors? Can opener?

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Poultry scissors: no. From the Star-K:

Utensils used exclusively with raw, non-edible food, for instance cookie cutters or a metal tenderizer hammer do not need tevila.

(Assuming you only use them for raw poultry.)

Can opener: no, again from the Star-K.

Can Opener No Tevila

Nutcracker is an interesting one. Nuts are edible raw; the question is if the nutcracker is viewed as coming in contact with the edible food (like a carrot peeler), which would necessitate tevila; or if it's analogous to a can opener, which is only intended to cut apart the metal and leave the food alone. UPDATE: the Star-K replied via email that yes, it must be toveled.

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