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What are the many Halachic options of doing the Mitzvah of drinking on Purim please quote sources? Meaning what are the diffrent the definitions of ad Dlo Yoda?

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  1. "Ad delo yada" is not accepted as halachah at all. (Taz, Orach Chaim 695:2)

  2. It means to drink enough that you sleep, and then you don't know the difference between "cursed is Haman" and "blessed is Mordechai." (Maharil, cited in Rema there)

  3. Which is the greater benefit that Hashem granted us: that Haman was degraded and executed, or that Mordechai was elevated? Go back and forth praising Hashem for this so much that you lose track of which one is more important. (Taz ibid. :1)

  4. Reach a state where you can't calculate that ארור המן = ברוך מרדכי in gematria. (Magen Avraham ibid. :3)

  5. It means "ad" - "up to" the point where you might get confused, but don't cross that line, because then you won't be able to properly thank Hashem for the miracle. (Yad Ephraim)

  6. There was an old piyut that told over the story of Purim in rhyme, with alternating refrains of ארור המן and ברוך מרדכי. Reach the point where you lose track of which verse you're up to. (Aruch Hashulchan 695:3)

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Thanx, and again amazing answer as Usual –  SimchasTorah Mar 18 '11 at 20:47
4,5&6 would allow for being pretty drunk... –  Shraga Feb 4 '13 at 16:59

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