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Rashi's daughters are popularly described as having worn Teffilin, but apparently there is no such source, just a popular urban legend in Jewish circles. Are there any women described in Rabbinic sources as wearing Teffilin and what is the primary Rabbinic source for those descriptions?

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Michal the daughter of Shaul HaMelech wore Tefilin (Eruvin 96a)

לפי תלמוד בבלי מסכת עירובין צו. מיכל בת שאול הניחה תפלין. האר"י מסביר זאת בכך שהייתה לה נשמה מעלמא דדכורא = נשמה מעולם הזכרים

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The Gemara there says her father's name was כושי –  Double AA Aug 15 at 19:58
Rashi says that Bas Kushi means Bas Shaul. –  Gershon Gold Aug 17 at 3:44
Yes. Perhaps you should mention that. Perhaps you should also mention that your Hebrew is ripped from Wikipedia. –  Double AA Aug 17 at 5:10

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