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נסע אחריהם: בלב אחד כאיש אחד

Rashi says when the Egyptians where chasing the Jews they did it with one heart as one man by the Jews at Har Sinai it say a similar language except that the language is switched too as one man with one heart why the difference?

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The Egyptians had such a united purpose ("b'lev echad"), namely to attack the Jews, that it was as if they were one unit ("k'ish echad.")

The Jews don't always agree with each other, but respected one another as parts of a greater whole ("k'ish echad"), it's as if they had a common purpose ("b'lev echad.")

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@SimchasTorah, you are welcome to comment that this answer is found in Pachad Yitzchak. However, please do not edit other people's answers, other than minor things like typo fixes, or linkifying. – Shalom Jan 12 '11 at 14:37
I don't think you should publicly said this, but that's just my opinion. – Hacham Gabriel Dec 26 '11 at 17:51

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