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During the 2nd temple, Haggai said G-d will bless the Jews (Haggai 2:19 especially, please read context) and also after they have brought the tithes (Malachi 3:6-15) through Malachi. Is it applicable to all who follow Jewish laws of tithing or only to the Jews? Also refer Solomon dedication of the first temple 2 Kings 8: 40-41, where foreigners are included in this great work. So is it orderly for non-Jews to give tithes to be blessed as indicated in the references in Malachi and Haggai?

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@user3216 thanks for explaining. I've made a minor edit that I think clarifies this; please let me know if that changed your intent. –  Monica Cellio Aug 27 at 15:15
@PloniAlmoni That is not true. –  Double AA Aug 27 at 16:34
I thought I'd learned that in the Midrash @DoubleAA –  Ploni Almoni Aug 27 at 16:37
@PloniAlmoni That would indeed explain why you thought it was true. Cyrus ruled well before the Purim story, even according to the Midrash Esther's timeline, so your claim is highly suspicious. –  Double AA Aug 27 at 16:40
@PloniAlmoni You're probably thinking of Darius II. –  Ypnypn Aug 28 at 3:17

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