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The Torah says that the Amaleik came and battled Israel at Refidim. I read in a book called, "Up, Up, and Oy Vey by Simcha Weinstein, page 65, that according to the sages, the Jews were actually attacked because they lacked unity. This is alluded to in the very same name of the location where the battle occurred - Refidim - a name that is etymologically related to the Hebrew word pirud, meaning "disunity." Only through teamwork are battles won.

Is there a source for this?

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A direct quotation of how this concept is represented in UUaOV would be in order. Did UUaOV not include a source itself? – Isaac Moses Aug 21 '14 at 15:59

Amalek is a malchus of pirud ha'penimiyos and yichud ha'chitzoniyos.

The Torah is a malchus of yichud ha'penimiyos and thereby yichud ha'chitzoniyos.

Amalek is sholet on the benei yisroel when their kesher to Torah is not be'derech bitul to the tenuah penimis ha'meyachedes of the Torah - al shelo barchu ba'Torah bitechilah.

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This needs to be explained in more detail and in English rather than yeshivish – sabbahillel Dec 31 '15 at 4:02

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