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What is this holy hooleh that 8th Day are singing about?

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I think they made it up. – Scimonster Aug 10 '14 at 20:17
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At VideoStatic I found the following:

8th Day "Hooleh!" (Chaim Marcus, dir.)

The Whole Mishpocha.

8th day is fronted by brothers Shmuel and Bentzi. The video was directed by their brother, Chaim.

The band first made a splash with a video that was featured on Videostatic, called "Ya'alili", directed by Larry Guterman (Antz, Cats & Dogs).

The Song

The song is called "hooleh!" from Yiddish slang meaning something like "forget-all-your-issues-just-radiate joy".

Videostatic says it is the world's leading source for music video news and community. It does not claim to be an authority on Yiddish slang.

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