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I have a few questions about meat and Hadran (Hadran for finishing a tractate of Talmud)

  1. Can you make a Siyum without meat?

  2. If yes then can you say Hadran without meat?

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You do not need to eat meat to have a siyum. To just wash for bread or just to even have cake with soda is good enough. See Horav Chaim Kanievesky Shlita quoted in Yoma Tova L’rabanan page 107:4, refer to Orchos Rabbeinu 2:page 57:6.

The Reason why we can eat during the nine days is because we are making a seudas mitzvah, but then again you do not need to. Rama 551:10 And Elya Rabbah 26, Chai Adom 133:16, Aruch Ha’shulchan 28, Eretz Tzvi 1:79,

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The chabad custom allows it since you are taking place in a seudas mitzvah – Dovid Benizri Sep 9 '14 at 3:44
It seems I had some typos in my previous comment. I meant to write that I have seen people say hadran during the nine days without any food. I actually haven't ever been at a siyum outside chabad. Sorry for the confusion. – user613 Sep 9 '14 at 11:06

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