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I asked here about someone who changed his minhagim and the obligations of his descendants. My great-grandfather's grandfather, was the rebbe of the town of Czyczkow, near Chojnice (Choynitz, Cheunitz) and Radún (also spelled Radin or Raden in some non-Polish sources) in northern Poland.* Does anyone know anything about this chassidus or resources which I could consult?

*My great-grandfather was named Yosef b' Mordechai, presumably after R' Yoshke of Czyczkow, his grandfather.

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JewishGen.org has the following information that may be helpful.

for more info about Sieciechow Poland


Gidi Poraz (#299209) 1 Vatikim Bizaron, 60946 Israel

Hebrew: שייצ'ייחוב - nearby Jewish communities 27 miles ENE of Radom, 8 miles ESE of Kozienice.

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