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I have noticed when looking at old photos that there seem to have been many more patterns for tallit striping in the past. As there seem to be only two major manufacturers (Talit[a]nia and Mishkan HaTechelet) the modern array of patterns seems much smaller. Is there an archive which shows some of the older (pre-war?) tallit patterns, as well as any alternative modern ones?

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I don't know anything about talis manufacture, but I remember reading a few years ago that all talisos with the "checkerboard" pattern are produced in Turkey. –  WAF Jul 31 at 5:14
@WAF, All "Turkish" tallitot were produced in Tunisia, formerly part of the Ottoman Empire (hence the name). –  Noach mi Frankfurt Jul 31 at 5:27
Re "the modern array of patterns seems much smaller": I don't know how big it was, but I've seen, probably, twenty or more different talisos in the past twelve months. –  msh210 Jul 31 at 16:36
@msh210, Off the top of my head, I can think of 5 black patterns, 3 white patterns, 2 blue patterns, and a small assembly of interesting coloured ones using only a few basic designs. There is a photo I have seen (would link if I could find it) of a shul in Eastern Europe; everyone had their own pattern. –  Noach mi Frankfurt Jul 31 at 16:43

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