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The Ran in Nedarim (28a) states:

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"The Law of Dina Demalchusa only applies to a non Jewish King, for the land is entirely his, and he can say if you do not follow my edicts I will banish you from the land. However, a Jewish king cannot say this, because all of the Jewish People have a partnership in the Land."

My question is: Is, according to the Ran, Shevet Levi included in Dina Demalchusa Dina, because they were not included in the Nachala of E'Y? Does the fact they they have the 48 Levite Cities count for having a "partnership in the land"?

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I would suggest a different understanding of the word 'partnership'. The Chochmas Shlomo writes in his gloss on Shulchan Aruch Choshen Mishpat siman 369 "a king who rules the entire world is not applicable the laws of dinei dimalchusa, for how can he say that he doesn't want to live in his land, all the lands are his! Should he fly in the air?" We find that the need to listen to king is based on the fact that a person chooses to live in the kings land. By living there he is accepting the king's laws. Seemingly living under a tyrant who doesn't allow one to leave would also be a ptur from these dinim. Also when the King of Kings 'gives' you a land to live in, the king of flesh and blood can no longer say 'my way or the highway'. This should apply to leviim and kohanim too.

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