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Many halachic opinions state that the prohibition of not eating meat during the 9 Days extends until the middle of the 10th of Av. Does this prohibition apply if you are making a se'udah for a Brit or Pidyon Haben (i.e. - the Brit or Pidyon was on 9 Av, but the se'udah was postponed.)

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Per Chabad.org it is permitted

כשעושים סעודת ברית מילה או פדיון הבן במוצאי תשעה-באב, מותר להזמין כמה אנשים שרוצים, וכולם מותרים אז בבשר ויין

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Yay, Chaba"d! I figured they'd have a direct answer. – DanF Jul 24 '14 at 17:06

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