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קצור שלחן ערוך‎ 21:1 describes what one should do who missed מעריב by accident:

לאחר תפילת שחרית יאמר תחנון ואשרי ויתפלל תפלת שמונה עשרה לשם ערבית ואחר כך יאמר למנצח ובא לציון וכו׳

After the prayer of שחרית, he should say תחנון and אשרי and then say שמונה עשרה for מעריב. After that, he should say למנצח,‎ ובא לציון, etc.

When should he do this? Specifically: Is the intent that this person say תחנון and אשרי with the congregation, or immediately after his own שמונה עשרה?

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See Mishna B'rura (108:11), who indicates that the repetition of the amida does not create a problematic interruption since the person is still involved in the first prayer. Thus, it appears that the person should wait and say tachanun and ashrei with the congregation.

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On days with Torah reading, another question would be whether the person should go straight from tachanun to ashrei to the tashlumin, skipping the Torah reading. – Fred Jul 23 '14 at 7:17

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