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The practice today is that the Beis Din overseeing the conversion of a woman will observe her head going below water for the required Tevilah.

Given the potential modesty issue - I know that they put a covering around the Mikva so that they don't see anything immodest, but I have heard that such coverings don't always work 100%, as they can shift, etc. - why can't they rely on the Mikvah attendant to observe the actual immersion?

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Its a chumra not to, to my knowledge. I know someone who had the attendant watch, and decades later she and her children 'reconverted', by wearing loosely tied bath robes and immersing in front of a rabbi. The rabbi made sure to stipulate that it was a stringency and that the mother and her children were already jews for all intents and purposes. For example her ruled that the daughter of this woman could marry a Kohen. –  Baby Seal Jul 22 at 17:14
I would just wonder why they don't get a more stable 'covering.' –  LiquidMetal Jul 22 at 17:17
@Yishai, is this "mikvah attendant" a woman, which would make your question why we don't rely on a woman that the immersion occured? –  LiquidMetal Jul 22 at 17:26
Where I live, the mikvah lady watches and reports to the rabbis standing just outside the door (open, but they don't have line of sight). –  Monica Cellio Jul 22 at 23:20

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