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In the sefer Toras Habayis (written by the Chofetz Chayim) in chapter 4 the paragraph that starts with ha'nimshal muvan me'elav, he writes the hierarchy of the olamos (worlds) like this: Briyah, Yetzirah, Galgalim, Asiyah. He then says from Asiyah to the Aretz. What/Whose system is he using?

I'm only familiar with the way the Nefesh HaChaim lays it out: Atzilus, Briyah (Kisei Kevodo), Yetzira (Chayos), Asiyah (Ofanim).

Additionaly (this is not my main question), why does he say "from Asiyah to the aretz"? I thought Asiyah is the physical world?

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see shaarei kedusha beginning of part 3. he also quotes from part 1 of the book at start of shemiras halashon –  ray Jul 20 at 21:09
@ray The system explained there is Atzilus, Briyah, Yetzira, Asiyah. There is a fifth, above these, Adam Kamon (Tzachzachos) but I don't see any reference to the Chofetz Chayim's hierarchy. –  Gavriel Jul 21 at 11:26
look again he traces it down to the planets. –  ray Jul 21 at 12:34

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