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Riddle version of the question: When can we daven for a neis

Hashkafic version of the question: Why does it seem that we can daven for a neis, when this is explicitly forbidden in masechet Brachot?

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This seems genuinely to be two questions, the second of which is predicated on the answer to the first. Why not post as such? – Isaac Moses Dec 2 '10 at 16:05
Re your second question: Where exactly in Berachos is this, anyway? There's the saying that "one should not stand in a dangerous place and expect a miracle...," but that's not the same thing as praying for one. (Also, that's not in Berachos.) – Alex Dec 2 '10 at 16:36

If one forgets "al hanisim" in bentching, one may insert the following tefilla: HARACHAMAN HU YA'ASEH LANU NISIM V'NIFLA'OT KA'ASHER ASAH LA'AVOTEINU BAYAMIM HAHEIM BIZMAN HAZEH. BIMEI MATITYAHU...

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That's not the only place. In some siddurim you can find a tefillah to be said at the end of Birkas Kohanim, beginning Yehi Ratzon. Part of the text there is:

ותעשה עמי נפלאות ונסים, ולטובה אות

"Do for me wonders and miracles, and a sign for good."

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