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I was looking at meat at the local butcher-shop and noticed that the packaged liver (un-kashered) mentioned that it could be cooked on a grill. However, I have always heard that liver needs its own kli (vessel), due to the excess amount of blood involved. If I use the grill, do I need to kasher the grate?

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I prefer writing questions in 1st person, if they could apply to me, rather than being more of a theoretical pursuit. –  Noach mi Frankfurt Jul 18 at 21:23
Has the liver been kashered yet?? I thought you couldn't buy stuff not-kashered in America unless you kill it yourself.... –  Shokhet Jul 18 at 21:23
Also, see beginning of SA YD 73 -- the ONLY acceptable way (לכתחילה) to kasher liver is by roasting –  Shokhet Jul 18 at 21:32
Subsequent research ( = asking my parents ;) has revealed that when you buy a chicken whole it comes with the liver un-kashered, and it must be roasted....I never buy food, and hence did not know. –  Shokhet Jul 18 at 23:09
@DoubleAA - how about if I put a grate in the aluminum pan so that the liver rests on the grate and the blood drips in the pan? –  DanF Aug 18 at 1:11

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