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If I know that non-mevushal wine is available to be used for avodah zarah (as in http://www.mechon-mamre.org/i/5211.htm) and that the prohibition against lifnei iver includes non-Jews[1], then am I forbidden to give a non-Jew a bottle of non-mevushal kosher wine as a gift, let alone a bottle of non-kosher wine?

This question and its answers indicates that avodah zarah, according to some, still exists as a problem.

[1] The prohibition of aiding the commission of a transgression is not one that belongs to the family of not harming another. After all, the other in this case is "harming" himself. Rather, by aiding in the commission of a transgression by another, one is to some extent becoming a partner in the sin. This naturally applies whether the other is Jewish or non-Jewish (See R. Elchanan Wasserman, Kovetz Shiurim, Pesachim 95; Responsa Arugat HaBosem YD 235). Source.

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Stam yeinam is not actually assur because of an actual concern of biblical yayin nesech since we do not actually assume they will use it for avoda zara. It's just a gezeira d'rabanan to avoid excessive familiarity that would lead to intermarriage and an ultimate abandonment of the mitzvos. So lo sitein michshol should not apply in your case (of non-mevushal wine). With regard to giving a gift of wine that already has the status of stam yeinam (i.e. regular non-kosher wine), there's a machlokes achronim as to whether even deriving indirect benefit (e.g. in gift-giving) is included in the gezeira and the Rama is machmir (Y.D. 123:1; see: http://www.torah.org/advanced/weekly-halacha/5765/vayechi.html )

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Adding sources would greatly improve your answer. – Double AA Jul 18 '14 at 3:19

In addition to loewian's answer, there seems to be no prohibition for a Noahide to consume wine used as libation for idolatry. See Pesahim 73a and Turei Even to Hagigah 13a s.v. ein mosrin, cited by Gilyon ha-Shas Pesahim ibid.

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However, cf. Rabbenu Hananel to Pesahim ibid. who implies that there is a prohibition, as noted by R. Yehuda Gershuni in his Shitah Mekubetzet. – wfb Sep 19 '14 at 18:21
See also Minhat Hinnukh no. 111 (end of mitzvah) who says that the prohibitions to benefit from idolatry to not apply to Noahides, but see the sources cited in Be-Shulei ha-Minha ibid. – wfb Sep 19 '14 at 18:59

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