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Can women wear Tefilin (I know they are exempt but a women gets schar for mitzvos they are not commanded to so is it allowed)? If it’s kli gever, what has distinguished it as such? What is the majority view, and the main reasons (not) to wear them?

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These questions were asked before ,do a search –  sam Jul 18 at 0:57
I understand that they are exempt but are they prohibited? –  user5224 Jul 18 at 0:59
I think this is a duplicate between Danno's link and this: judaism.stackexchange.com/q/27823 –  Fred Jul 18 at 1:15
Thank you for answering the other half of my question. Look at my last comment to see why I do not agree with Danno –  user5224 Jul 18 at 1:18

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The Levush 17:2 holds its prohibited based off the issur of shmolas beged ish(wearing clothing of the opposite gender) Targum Yonasan says the same. The Biur Gra 38:3 held its assur.

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Can you explain the rule. Shmolas Beged Ish.? –  user5224 Jul 18 at 1:16
Targum Yonasan doesn't add much to your argument. –  Double AA Jul 18 at 1:28
Do we know if the Levush still applies? –  Double AA Jul 18 at 1:28
@doubleaa I know you don't like it from a diff time ,but the poskim quote it . –  sam Jul 18 at 1:29
@doubleaa well if you read it inside you will see he mentions Michal how she was allowed to wear it and explains a Bas Melech is diff,meaning it is always beged Ish and really can't be changed it seems that it may have become an inherent beged Ish,read it for your own idea –  sam Jul 18 at 1:47