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If someone was given the name of a sick person to daven for them, and when they get to refa'enu (blessing for healing) they can only remember the person's name but not their mother's name, how should they proceed? Let's say that they know the person's surname, their mother's English name, and have a vague memory that the mother's hebrew name was shprintza something-or-other. Should they:

  • just say the part they remember?

  • say the mother's English name?

  • say the surname?

  • say the part of the mother's name which they remember?

  • do their best to guess the mother's full name?

  • some combination of the above?

  • something else entirely?

Sources please.

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eretzhemdah.org/… –  Gershon Gold Jul 15 at 19:53

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