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Is there any resource for looking at examples of the old forms of safrut from before the Second World War? I have seen un-sourced photos of strikingly different variations within the Ashkenazi and Chassidic ktavim and R' Melech Michaels once told me that there was actually a concerted effort to unify the method of writing for Beit Yosef and Ari after the war and the foundation of Israel.

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The שמיני-תזריע (I think) volume of Torah Sh'lema has a detailed listing of some uncommon types of script. – WAF Jul 14 '14 at 18:53
@WAF, Does it include examples? – Noach MiFrankfurt Jul 14 '14 at 19:11
Yes, many examples. – WAF Jul 14 '14 at 19:31
@WAF - that would be hebrewbooks.org/pdfpager.aspx?req=51444&st=&pgnum=8 - vol 29. I don't think that is what Noach is looking for. – Danny Schoemann Oct 22 '14 at 18:43

The Israel Museum has a library of sifrei torah that can be used for this purpose as does the Jewish Museum in NYC.

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