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The Rambam In Hilchos Chanukah (4:12) says:

מצות נר חנוכה, מצוה חביבה היא עד מאוד

(Loose translation) The commandment of the lights of Chanukah is a commandment that is very much adored.

Being that it is a Halacha Sefer what is the Halachic significance to this statement?

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sources.......? –  Menachem May 8 '12 at 17:41

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The Sefer HaTodaa says that they are Chavivim as it is a Zecher V'Dugma to the menorah in the Bais HaMikdash, and the Menora in the Bais HaMikdash was equal to all the Korbonos.

And the greatness of these candles - both the Neiros Chanuka and the Neiros of the Bais HaMikdash is that they are witnesses to the Jews that all light comes from Hashem and that we are only interested in light from Hashem (Rabbenu Bachya).

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The implication of the adjacent statement is that it requires one to sell off his belongings (even his clothing) to do it.

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Yeah but that is because of Pirsumay Nissah not why the Rambam in a Halacha sefer talks about aa Non-Halachic required emotion. –  SimchasTorah Dec 3 '10 at 7:17
The implication by juxtaposition is that the belovedness, pirsumei nisa, and this requirement are all in some way causally related. –  WAF Dec 5 '10 at 5:13

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